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All you have to do is to choose your destination

  1. Tour with the tourist train, daily service along the coastal road Sk.Potamias-Sk.Panagias which offer you beautiful moments of relaxation.

  2. Tour with the tourist train, daily service to the villages of Potamia-Panagia-Sk.Potamias-Sk.Panagias and discover and enjoy a beautiful landscape and learn the rich history of the place.

  3. A great way to discover Thassos is around the island with  an air-conditioned coach like the tour of Alikes and the monastery of Archangel Michael.

  4. Hiking 1200 metres high and climb to the summit of Mount Ipsario
  1. A whole island full of beaches is waiting for you.I   Golden Beach (Golden Beach) is probably the most popular beach. And quite rightly, extending over nearly three kilometres of white sand and blue waters. The green hills that overlook the beach with its two neighboring villages, Panagia and Potamia , create a landscape which is breathtaking.

  2. The most popular summer tours are those that combine surfing with joy and freshness of the sea. So try a day cruise round of Thassos.

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